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Affordable Housing Facilities in Central Florida

The Nonprofit Housing Roundtable does not manage or own housing facilities. As such, the organization cannot help individuals find affordable housing. However, in order to help individuals seeking affordable housing, the Nonprofit Housing Roundtable has assembled the following lists. Individuals seeking affordable housing should find the applicable list and commence to call or email contacts. Note that this will likely be a frustrating and time consuming process. Unfortunately, the supply of affordable housing has not kept pace with demand and individuals will likely find lengthy wait lists.

A list of affordable housing projects serving the elderly in Central Florida
Elderly Housing Projects

A list of affordable housing projects serving the disabled and homeless in Central Florida
Disabled and Homeless Housing Projects

A list of key agencies which provide housing for families, elderly, and the disabled in Central Florida
Agencies for families, elderly, and the disabled in Central Florida

A list of key housing resources for individuals seeking affordable housing outside Central Florida
Affordable Housing Agencies Outside Central Florida  

Additional Resources
Other affordable housing resources in the Orlando area:

Affordable Housing Opinion at the Orlando Sentinel Online
Orlando Sentinel Affordable Housing Opinion Page  

Opportunity360 | Enterprise Community Partners Online - Enter an address to instantly see where a neighborhood ranks on key measures of opportunity, including affordable housing, education, access to jobs, transportation and healthy food, safe, green spaces for kids to play even the quality of the air you breathe.
Opportunity360 | Enterprise Community Partners Page


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